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Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)

Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)
Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)
Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)
Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)
Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)
Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue) Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue) Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue) Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue) Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)

Trap Jaw™ Figure (Reissue)

NOTE: This is an older item with extremely limited Customer Service stock that’s likely to sell out. Once it’s gone, we don’t expect it to be available again.


Maximum order quantity: 99

Sold Out

One look at Trap Jaw™, evil henchman for Skeletor®, and you know this crazed cyborg’s no bark, all deadly bite! Ready for battle, one of the most fan-requested figures ever comes complete with three interchangeable attachments that hang from his belt when not connected to his arm, plus a swappable left arm and extra head to transform him back to Kronis™. Use extreme caution around Trap Jaw™ — just like the vintage toy, his mouth is on a hinge that opens and closes! Comes complete with these accessories:

  • Interchangeable left arm
  • Extra head
  • Removable belt
  • Power Claw
  • Laser
  • Hook

Trap Jaw™ Bio

Real Name: Kronis™

An insane criminal from the dimension of Infinita, Kronis™ was one of several evil warriors freed from an intergalactic prison by Keldor™ to bolster his ranks during the start of the Great Unrest. After serving Keldor™ for years, Kronis™ grew ambitious and raised an army of his own to challenge his master. Now a powerful Overlord of Evil™, Skeletor® defeated Kronis™ — breaking his jaw and arm, and leaving him for dead. Found and rebuilt by Tri-Klops®, Kronis™ was transformed by him into Trap Jaw™, a man armed with combat weapons and an “iron jaw!”

PLEASE NOTE: This figure is a reissue, which means it was previously released. All reissued figures receive a graphic burst on the package stating “The Original” to indicate it is a re-released product but identical to the first run. Mattel holds back a small amount of product from each sale for customer service needs. When a product is reissued, the held back stock is sold. A small percentage of customers will receive product from the first run and the package will not contain the burst. This is random and we cannot control which package will be received.

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