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DC Universe™

Enter the DC Universe, where it’s anyone’s game in the eternal battle of good versus evil. Whether you’re a fan of DC Universe Classics, Total Heroes™ or Watchmen, you’ll find all your favorites in our lineup of action figures crafted just for collectors.

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DCU Super Powers Stands
DCU Super Powers Stands
DC Universe Classics

<strong>Conner Kent<em> Superboy</em></strong> Figure
Conner Kent Superboy Figure
DC Comics

<strong><em>Doctor Manhattan</em></strong> Figure
Doctor Manhattan Figure
Club Black Freighter, March 2013

<strong><em>Silk Spectre</em></strong> Figure
Silk Spectre Figure
Club Black Freighter, May 2013

Flying Stands 2.0
Flying Stands 2.0

<strong><em>The Comedian</em></strong> Figure
The Comedian Figure
Club Black Freighter, September 2013

<strong><em>Ozymandias</em></strong> Figure
Ozymandias Figure
Club Black Freighter, November 2013


<strong>DC Classic TV Series <em>Batman</em>™ Utility Belt</strong>
DC Classic TV Series Batman™ Utility Belt
Movie Masters™ Epic Creations™

<strong><em>Ice</em></strong> Figure
Ice Figure
DC Comics
Club Infinite Earths Figure


<strong><em>Rorschach </em></strong>Figure
Rorschach Figure
Club Black Freighter, January 2013

<strong><em>Nite </em></strong><strong><em>Owl </em></strong>Figure
Nite Owl Figure
Club Black Freighter, July 2013

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