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Who watches the Watchmen? Even crime fighters need to be held accountable… more than ever in a world where they themselves are the outlaws! One of the greatest graphic novels of all time, this long-awaited collection features the Watchmen heroes (or are they?) as 6” fully articulated figures. Created just for collectors in first-ever comic book style, this line features unique book-type packaging, original Watchmen “oversized” trading cards, and all-new art and character bios.

This is a limited series inspired by one of the all-time greatest comics and includes the six members of the Watchmen team. When all six packages are placed side-by-side, the Doomsday clock counts down to zero when viewed from the front and the iconic graffiti-style Watchmen logo is revealed on the side.

WATCHMEN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

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<strong><em>Doctor Manhattan</em></strong> Figure
Doctor Manhattan Figure
Club Black Freighter, March 2013

<strong><em>Nite </em></strong><strong><em>Owl </em></strong>Figure
Nite Owl Figure
Club Black Freighter, July 2013

<strong><em>Ozymandias</em></strong> Figure
Ozymandias Figure
Club Black Freighter, November 2013


<strong><em>Rorschach </em></strong>Figure
Rorschach Figure
Club Black Freighter, January 2013

<strong><em>Silk Spectre</em></strong> Figure
Silk Spectre Figure
Club Black Freighter, May 2013

<strong><em>The Comedian</em></strong> Figure
The Comedian Figure
Club Black Freighter, September 2013

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