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Matty's News Archive - 2008

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Matty Sneak Peaks new JLU figure for 2009!

December 26, 2008
By Matty

Hey JLU Collectors,

We already revealed quite a lot at SDCC 2008 of our 2009 line up, but wanted to give everyone a little holiday treat before the New Year. Take a gander at the image below! We are not revealing where this figure fits into the line-up quite yet, but you will see her in the first half of 2009!

Happy Holidays from all of us at!


Matty reveals new Batman: Brave and the Bold Packaging!

December 18, 2008
By Matty

Hey Toy Fans!

Excited to finally preview the Batman: The Brave and the Bold packaging! Awesome new singles, 2-packs and vehicles will really appeal to collectors and kids alike. Each figure includes dynamic Snap and Switch™ technology letting you reconfigure each figure's accessories into multiple gadgets on different plug in points. Batman's jet pack becomes his battle armor, or instead, plug it into Blue Beetle to arm an ally for adventure! Snap and Switch™ features even work across the line letting you reconfigure vehicle parts as well!

This exciting new line hits stores this January. And be sure to catch the incredible animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, every Friday night at 8:00 on Cartoon Network. Check your local listing for more information!











BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.          (s08)

Wizard names DCU Classics "Toy Line of the Year!"

December 16, 2008
By Toy Guru

Matty Collectors,

Big, exciting news this week. Wizard Magazine released their Gold Standard Awards and named the DC Universe Classics line the toy line of the year! Everyone at MattyCollector is very excited and we hope all of you are as well as we continue to deliver highly detailed, fully articulated characters from across the DC Universe in one unified scale and style as sculpted by the Four Horsemen!

Look for Wave 6 in stores at the very end of December, with Wave 7 following shortly after in the first quarter of 2009!


Plus, don't forget that our own Adam Strange and Starfire 2-pack goes on sale here at on January 15th! Get one to complete your collection!

—Toy Guru

DC UNIVERSE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.         (s08)

Updates to brand pages

November 18, 2008
By Toy Guru

Toy Fans,


Just to give everyone a heads up that the MOTU brand page has been up and running for a few weeks now. Obviously we have a lot more to add to it in the coming months, but you should find all of the essential information about your favorite characters from the worlds of He-Man™ and She-Ra™ on this page.

We'll have brand pages for DCU and Cars brands rolling out in the beginning of 2009 which will also include retail release calendars and sneak previews of new product. Stay tuned. Great stuff is coming in 2009 and beyond!

—Toy Guru

Matty announces TRU exclusives for DCU brand!

November 14, 2008
By Matty

DCU fans,

Got some big news on exclusive figure sets available only at Toys R Us! First up are the DC Universe Classics 2-packs available now! Four sets are on shelf, BATGIRL and AZRAEL, LIGHTRAY and ORION (now with a removable helmet!), CYBORG SUPERMAN and MONGUL and finally HAL JORDAN in his original uniform with a new ABIN SUR figure!

All of these packs feature the same highly detailed fully articulated figures you have come to love from the DCUC line as sculpted by the Four Horsemen. These packs should help fans complete their collection and pick up a few hard to find figures from years past!

Up next for release later in November is the DC Universe Infinite Heroes 8-pack – Battle for Metropolis!

This fantastic gift set features 3 ¾ scale figures of Earth 2 SUPERMAN, “SHAZAM!”, CAPTAIN ATOM, LEX LUTHOR in Power Armor with real firing missiles, and finally 4 (count em!) LEXCORP Trooper guards with infiltration helmets on! All of these figures come delivered to the collector in a gorgeous window box package!

Check out Toys R Us and for availability throughout the holiday season!


MattyCollector product release dates announced!

November 13, 2008
By Matty

Hey Toy Fans,

As we get closer to 2009, (when will really take off with new product every month!) we finally have on-sale dates to announce. Here are the first batch of items to look forward to in 2009! (more details will be revealed in early December!)

  • DCUC Adam Strange™ and Starfire™ 2 -pack — on sale Jan 15

  • MOTU Classics Skeletor™ — on sale Jan 15

  • MOTU Classic Stratos™ — on sale Feb 15

  • JLU Gotham Criminals 4 Pack — on sale Feb 15
    (Bane™, Clock-King™, Harley Quinn™, Scarecrow)
  • Check back here often as we update with the latest news and information about all of Mattel's great collector brands!


    Toys ‘R’ Us Racer Offer: Buy Five Disney/Pixar CARS Character Vehicles, Get N20 Cola Vehicle!

    November 10, 2008
    By Matty’s Minion

    Hey, CARS fans! We know you're eager to hear news about our 2009 product line for MattyCollector, but announcements are still a ways off. In the meantime, you might be interested in an exclusive promotion brought to you by Mattel and Toys ‘R’ Us. Here are the details:

    Earlier this fall, Toys R Us gave you the opportunity to get a Sidewall Shine car just for buying five Disney/Pixar CARS character vehicles, and it looks like this giving thing is getting to be a habit of ours. We've got yet another offer guaranteed to get your CARS collector motor runnin': this time, buy five Disney/Pixar CARS character vehicles and we'll send you an N20 Cola car!

    N20 Cola

    Still early in his career, N20 Cola #68, a.k.a. Manny Flywheel, is fast becoming one of the most consistent gearheads on the circuit. He's also the proud spokesman for his sponsor, N2O Nitro Cola, which contains nitrous to give you that extra pep in your engine. Though -- ironically -- Manny himself cannot drink the product and still race legally.

    Want one? Get all the information (and be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions) here!

    Action Figure Stands now on sale!

    November 4, 2008
    By Matty

    Toy collectors,

    As you can see the team has been busy getting ready to roll out new product and brand pages for 2009. The Masters of the Universe Brand page is active now with new figures being added as the months trek on. Look for the latest news and updates right here on

    In addition, we have the first of our figure stands available today for purchase. Stands for DC Universe Justice League and DC Universe Classics are now ready to order in our online store. (Infinite Heroes stands are coming soon BTW!)

    We are especially proud of the work the design team did on the JLU stands. Each stand was created to hold a figure one of three ways in order to be compatible with as many characters. (keep in mind not every figure will work on the stands, and larger characters like Solomon Grundy™ won't need a stand at all!)

    Hope you enjoy and we'll keep these collector products coming!

    See you in the toy aisles,


    DC SUPER HEROES and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics

    Important news for Paypal users

    October 30, 2008
    By Matty's Minion

    Now that we have products on sale again, you may have noticed a change to the payment options: we no longer offer PayPal as a payment method during the checkout process. Because our items have the potential to sell out very quickly, our system is designed to support instantaneous payment methods — credit cards and debit cards. A typical PayPal payment works more like a check, and a product may sell out before the payment can be processed and verified.

    However, customers who prefer to use PayPal may want to consider using the PayPal Plug-In. According to PayPal's description, the secure card feature of the PayPal Plug-In creates a "virtual debit card" number that can be used on any site that accepts Mastercard.

    Whatever your payment method of choice, we hope you have a great shopping experience at!

    MOTU Packaging Reveal

    November 3, 2008
    By Matty

    MOTU Classics fans,

    Well, we are getting that much closer to the on sale date for the first two MOTU Classics Figures He-Man® and Beast Man®! Both will be on sale Dec. 1, 2008 with new figures following after that once per month. Everyone at MattyCollector.comSM is so excited to get these figures into fan's hands. We know you have been waiting a long time for this!

    To help with the countdown, we are proud to reveal the brand new packaging for this line! The new packaging features a brand new blister and card back paying homage to the original toy line, including cross sells, vintage art and a brand new character bio for each figure. A lot of love went into this package design and we hope collectors will enjoy the package as much as we did designing it.

    Keep those posts coming on all the fan sites. We love your input and want to continue to make MOTU Classics and all the toys available on MattyCollector.comSM as fan-friendly as possible!



    Matty announces DCU Classics Wave 8

    November 3, 2008
    By Matty

    Hey DCUC fans!

    Big news here on In addition to moving closer to having our DCU brand pages up (look for those in December with release calendars and picture archives!), we are thrilled to announce the premier of WAVE 8 of DCU Classics figures! Look for these to hit stores in mid-Spring 2009. Truly some of the best figures we have done to date!

    Wave 8 will include:

  • Hawkgirl™
  • Gentleman Ghost™
  • Dr Fate™ (with a chase classic version)
  • Parademon™ (both Red and Yellow versions split 50/50!)
  • Mr. Terrific™
  • Vigilante
  • Commander Steel™
  • And drum roll…the Collect and Connect™ bonus figure, and our biggest yet at a whopping 10 inches is… GIGANTA™

    A great new wave with some army builders and characters who have never made it to toy shelves before! We couldn't be more thrilled with the fan support and the quality of these figures. Keep those comments coming on the message boards because we always want to hear what you have to say!

    Check out the sneak peek pics below and we'll see you in the toy aisles!


    PS: We are getting closer to announcing a release date for Adam Strange™/Starfire™ and the Justice League Unlimited™ Gotham Criminals 4 pack. Stay tuned to our news section in the next few days.

    Dr Fate™
    Dr Fate™ (classic)
    Gentleman Ghost™
    Parademon™ (both Red and Yellow versions)
    Mr. Terrific™
    Commander Steel™

    Figures shown are prototype images. Actual product may vary.

    Matty announces NY Comic Con MOTU Figure!

    Oct 30, 2008
    By Matty

    Hey MOTU collectors!

    We're getting closer to the release of MOTU Classics. Everyone on the MattyCollector.comSM team is so appreciative of all our fan's patience as we work around the clock to get these figures correct before bringing them to market.

    We will be launching the MOTU Classics brand page here on in early November with release dates, photo guides and up-to-the-minute information about the MOTU Classics brand. It looks to be a very exciting 2009 with at least one new figure each month starting with a double delivery of He-Man® and Beast Man® in December.

    2009 New York Comic Con Banner

    What's that? You want more? Well how about the NY Comic Con Faker® figure!

    That's right, in addition to the February figure Stratos®, Faker® will also be available at NY Comic Con (with additional supply available in March here at But get him first at the show!

    Faker® Evil Robot of Skeletor® Faker® Close-Up

    We'll have more updates on a regular basis so check back here often!

    Good Journey,


    PS: And yes, he will have the computer graphic under his armor! We wouldn't do the fans wrong!

    DC SUPER HEROES and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics

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    Matty updates about Dream Halloween product!

    Oct 15, 2008
    By Matty


    Dream Halloween is right around the corner. This is a fantastic event where Mattel teams created one-of-a-kind collector items to auction off for Children Affected by Aids. This year, among the spectacular toys are two items we showed off first at San Diego Comic Con, the one-of-a-kind Darth Mater and the second and last publically available "Spirit of Grayskull" figures. Both are fantastic collector items with all proceeds from the auction going to a very noble cause.

    If you are interested in attending the event or would like more information about bidding from home please go to

    Darth Mater:

    It's Halloween in Radiator Springs and Mater from Disney/Pixar's CARS has decided to make his own Darth Vader costume! Using found objects from the local junkyard, he has transformed himself into the not-so-terrifying villain Darth Mater!

    Created exclusively for CAAF's 2008 Dream Halloween auction, Darth Mater is a one-of-a-kind 1:9.5 scale model created by the design team at Mattel in close cooperation with John Lasseter and George Lucas. Armed with a light-up red lightsaber that pivots from his right front wheel both clockwise and counterclockwise, Darth Mater makes lightsaber and Darth Vader breathing sounds, plays the classic Star Wars "Imperial March" theme, and utters dialogue recorded by Larry the Cable Guy especially for the occasion with funny quotes such as "Luke, I'm your manufacturer!"

    Darth Mater comes on a custom-built 21.75" wide by 18.75" deep by 4.75" high base decorated like the floor of the Death Star with flashing LED lights synchronized with the sounds. The base includes two clear acrylic plaques, one with the Lucasfilm logo signed by Mr. Lucas and the other with the Disney/Pixar logo signed by Mr. Lasseter. Finally, the model is protected by a 21.75" wide by 18.75" deep by 14.25" high clear acrylic case.

    Spirit of Grayskull:

    King Grayskull is the first new Masters of the Universe Classic figure from Mattel featuring the first ever highly detailed fully articulated versions of classic Masters of the Universe characters from the world of He-Man and She-Ra. King Grayskull is the ancestor of the heroic warrior He-Man and defended the ancient land of Eternia from the evil forces of King Hssss and Hordak!

    To help celebrate the return of Masters of the Universe toys to collector's shelves, Mattel has created a special variant of their San Diego Comic Con exclusive King Grayskull action figure as a "Spirt" which will forever live in the walls of his castle. Only two editions of this all-clear version of King Grayskull will be made for the public. One was raffled off at SDCC 2008, the second will be auctioned for charity at the Dream Halloween event.

    King Grayskull comes complete in a diorama pop out package which folds out to create a mini Castle Grayskull playset featuring flashing energy and the sound of King Grayskull declaring "I have Power!" when the jaw bridge is opened. He includes his shield, battle axe and Power Sword.

    K Mart CARS Collector Event

    Oct 6, 2008
    By Matty

    K Mart CARS Collector Event

    Race into Kmart for the 1st ever Cars Collector Event! On Saturday, October 18th at 11:00 AM, Kmart stores nationwide will host the first ever chain-wide Disney Pixar Cars Collector’s Event. This event involves opening special cartons of Cars Character Cars and Cars Mini 2 Packs specially packed for collectors at 11am. The cartons will feature a unique mix of vehicles, including Kmart exclusives and first to market vehicles. These vehicles will be available for collectors to purchase at that time. This is the only place where you can get Shiny Wax, Sputter Stop, View Zeen, Transberry Juice, and Spare Mint!


    MOTU release changes

    Dear Fellow Collectors,

    I’m writing to let you know that I’ve just made my first really tough decision as Master Toy Collector of Mattel. In a nutshell, we have been forced to make a trade-off between shipping according to our announced schedule and getting our figures exactly right, and I’ve decided to go with quality over speed.

    The issue is removable armor for the Masters of the Universe Classics line. As you know, these figures are meant to bring the classic 1980s MOTU toy line aesthetic into the modern era. But the technical challenge of having removable armor that still holds in place with the level of quality we expect from a collector line has proved very difficult. In order to stay on schedule, we briefly considered compromising by gluing the armor for He-Man and Beast Man in place. But I realize that you, the true MOTU collectors, would much rather have the figures done right than get them a few weeks earlier. Our engineers are now re-configuring the sculpts so that the armor attaches to each figure in a uniform plug on his back, so that the armor for almost every figure will be both removable and interchangeable.

    So the bad news is both He-Man and Beast Man will now be available for purchase in December. The good news is not only will their armor be awesome, but we will release them on the same day, meaning you can save on shipping by buying both figures together.

    I’m bummed we’ve had this delay, but I’m glad it’s given us a chance to show you where our priorities are.

    Good Journey,


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    Toys ‘R’ Us Racer Offer: Buy Five Disney/Pixar CARS Character Vehicles, Get Sidewall Shine Vehicle!

    August 18, 2008
    By Matty’s Minion

    Attention CARS fans! We thought you might want to hear about a cool exclusive promotion brought to you by Mattel and Toys ‘R’ Us. Check it out:

    Our annual fall Toys ‘R’ Us offer is such a no-brainer, even Mater from Disney/Pixar’s CARS could figure it out… all you have to do is buy five Disney/Pixar’s CARS character toys and we’ll send you a Sidewall Shine car! Sidewall Shine

    Clad in yellow with the #74 emblazoned on the sides, our Sidewall Shine vehicle comes straight out of the Speedway of the South race from the CARS movie. But who is car number 74? Sponsored by Sidewall Shine, car number 74 is actually named Slider Petrolski. Slider is a Capitol Motors/Verve XT. Slider’s parents named him after his uncle, famed dirt track racer Slide Powers, who graced the gritty, makeshift tracks of the late forties. Aspiring to his namesake, Slider started racing at an early age. He challenged postal trucks, taxis, delivery vans, and all varieties of unsuspecting pedestrian motorists. He even raced a police car, but only once.

    Want one? You can read all the details here!

    Customer Service Update

    August 1, 2008
    By Jr. Toy Guru

    If you were on in the hours after our launch, you know we were having some technical difficulties. While it's great that so many people were excited to buy our products, we know that the heavy traffic led to a lot of annoyances and confusion in placing orders.

    If our records show there's a problem with your order, you should expect to receive a personal call from our customer service team. If it looks like you ordered the same thing more than once, we'll confirm that so you don't get double-charged. If you have on open order or pending PayPal transaction, we'll work with you to make sure that transcation is completed.

    Thank you for your patience. We're doing all we can to resolve current problems, and we're significantly increasing server capacity to ensure that things are smoother when He-Man goes on sale in October.

    Thanks for bearing with all this, and sorry again for the trouble on launch day!

    Jr. toy Guru

    Welcome to!

    July 28, 2008
    By Matty

    Welcome to, Mattel’s official home for exclusive toys, news and more! Watch this space for updates from myself and "Jr. Toy Guru" (formerly known as Toy Guru, but now that I'm around that title isn't gonna fly) every week or so to keep you up to speed on the latest and greatest from Mattel.

    It's an exciting time to be a Mattel Collector! With me in charge, great things are on the horizon.


    Matty Signature

    Matty M. Mattel is now live!

    July 28, 2008
    By Jr. Toy Guru

    Hey Everybody!

    Our online store now has limited quantities of our 2008 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives: MOTU Classics King Grayskull,™ DC Universe Classics Lobo, Justice League Unlimited Giganta and Lightning Storm Lightning McQueen. If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Con, this is your chance to get them while supplies last!

    In the coming months Matty’s Store will offer unique exclusive products unavailable anywhere else – including DC Universe Classics 2-packs and Justice League Unlimited 4-packs. will also be the only place you can get Mattel’s all-new line of Masters of the Universe® Classics figures, with a new figure available every month starting with He-Man® in October!

    Take some time now to register for Matty’s Newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date whenever new products are being offered and major announcements are made. In the coming months, look for dedicated pages for your favorite Mattel brands like DC Universe, Masters of the Universe Classics® and CARS die cast.

    All of us at Mattel are thrilled to finally give you a first look at Matty's website. With Matty running the show, I don't even mind being called "Jr." Toy Guru. Keep checking back for news from both of us!

    Jr. toy Guru
    (F/K/A Toy Guru)

    Ready, set, order!

    July 28, 2008
    By Matty's Minion

    Launch day is here! While some of you may have gotten an early look at the site during Comic-Con (we blame Faker Matty for any leaks), today is the day for you to get online and buy your toys!

    In response to fan feedback, we have set the per-order maximum quantity for each toy to three. We're confident that at that number, figures will go to fans rather than scalpers.

    We have a limited quantity of all four San Diego Comic-Con toys available at launch. If orders go very quickly today, there may sometimes be a lag before a "sold out" or "on backorder" notice appears on an item. So you may be a window of time when you're able to place an order after an item is no longer available, but the store will never actually charge your credit card unless a product is available for your order.

    We'll keep updating you on any technical stuff as we work our way through launch. We hope you have a great first experience with!

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