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Where Collectors Are King™

Do your friends and family think your toy obsession is out of control? That's cool – here at, we don't judge. We offer toys for adult collectors based on top entertainment properties, direct from the world's largest toy company, Mattel. Not a "serious" collector? We don't discriminate, either. You'll find plenty to choose from, like retro faves He-Man® and She-Ra® or the Ghostbusters™ PKE meter, perfect for cosplay.

So how does it all work? Scroll down and read every captivating word or click in for specific info.

What can I buy at

How can I buy at

   Subscriptions/Early Access
   Monthly "All Access" Shop
   Essentials Shop
   Special Sales
   Product Pre-Orders

What can I do here besides buy stuff?

Last but not least, who is Matty, anyway?

What can I buy at

For starters, you'll find tons of toys you can't get anywhere else. The quality of our products is truly superior, with industry-leading designers like the Four Horsemen creating detailed sculpts that feature full articulation and a bevy of accessories. We offer action figures, playsets, props and more from top brands, including:

Masters of the Universe® Classics
DC Universe
Epic Creations™

But wait, there's more! Check back often, because we also carry items from Monster High®, Hot Wheels®, Barbie®, Disney • Pixar, and more, created for cons and other special events. Or better yet, sign up for email and you'll always know what's coming up.

How can I buy at

There are several ways to purchase products at subscriptions/Early Access, monthly "All Access" sales, special sales, and product pre-orders. We've also got a roster of what we call "Essentials" that are available year 'round. You can check the Sale Schedule page to see the latest availability, but the best way to ensure you never miss a sale is, of course, to sign up for email.

Generally, here's how it all goes down:

Subscriptions & Early Access

Once a year, we offer subscriptions to "clubs" for our some of our best selling lines, like Club Eternia® for Masters of the Universe® Classics. These subscriptions deliver every official club release right to your door and ensure you don't miss a single one during the subscription period. If you're a collection-completist, this matters because not every club item is offered to the general public at the time of its release. Best of all, many subscriptions include a club-exclusive figure that will never be sold to the general public.

There are plenty of great reasons to purchase a subscription, but the numero uno subscriber-favorite is the chance to purchase select products through our Early Access program before they're made available at our monthly "All Access" sales. This includes many items not available at all through subscriptions, so you get first shot at hot toys like the Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles and MOTUC Sky-High with Jet Sled™.

Subscriptions are usually available for the following year for a one month period starting during San Diego Comic-Com in July. For more information about our current subscriptions, please click here.

Monthly "All Access" Sales

Don't want a subscription or they're not currently available? Many (but not all) of our club releases are also sold during our monthly "All Access" sales. They usually take place at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on the 15th of each month or the first business day following the 15th if it falls on a Sunday or a holiday. If you plan on shopping at an All Access sale, you'll want to be there the minute the sale begins because many of our products sell out extremely quickly. Go to our Sale Schedule to see the latest sale dates and available products. Shop

When you visit the Shop, you'll find every item currently available for purchase. We also list the ones that are "Coming Soon" in our next sale.

Essentials Shop

If you're an instant-gratification kind of person, then our Essentials Shop will keep you happy. You'll find a selection of basics from many of our lines, including Masters of the Universe® Classics figures, Ghostbusters™ toys, DC Universe figure stands, and more. Check back often because we add new items regularly.

Special Sales

We offer all kinds of other sweet products and deals throughout the year, too. Here are a few, and (once again) to find out what's happening when, check the Sale Schedule page or sign up for email.

  • San Diego Comic-Con products
  • "Cyber Friday Thru Monday" discount sale
  • Convention products
  • Limited "chase" figures
  • One day sales

Product Pre-orders

This is where toy fun gets real. Our Epic Creations™ line was created just for those of us who can't get enough playsets, vehicles, and cosplay accessories from the hottest entertainment properties of all time. We're talking an entirely updated Masters of the Universe® Classics Castle Grayskull®, a Back to the Future™ Hover Board, and the first ever Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 in scale to 6" figures. Click to here to see what's currently available.

What can I do here besides buy stuff?

We can't explain why, but we love toys. Always have, always will. If you do, too, then make yourself comfy and check out what we've got waiting for you.

The News section is packed with need-to-know info, like updates on products, reveals from the biggest industry events including San Diego Comic-Con and New York Toy Fair, upcoming DVD and comics releases, and fan events.

Fan Zone
Get in the Fan Zone and discover all kinds of content created just for toy fiends. See other collectors' collections, download exclusive wallpapers, and more.

Fan Forums
Our Fan Forums is the spot to meet other collectors who share your passion for toys. Talk about individual toy lines, ask and answer questions, and discuss the latest news.

Who doesn't love something for nothing? At, we're giving stuff away all the time, from signed figures to an entire year's subscription. To find out the latest, visit the homepage, check our News section, or, did we mention, sign up for email?

Last but not least… who is Matty, anyway?

Back in the day, any kid who watched TV was familiar with Mattel's commercial catchphrase "You can tell it's Mattel… it's swell!," spoken by an adorable animated tyke sporting a crown. The tyke was named Matty, short for the corporate name Mattel, which is itself a mashup of the names of two of Mattel's founders, Harold Mattson and Elliot Handler. Their passion for creating toys that bring out the "play" in all of us lives on today at

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