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WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™

WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™
WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™
WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™
WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™ WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™ WWE® <em>Legends</em> Arn Anderson™

WWE® Legends Arn Anderson™



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Prepare for a dose of “Double A”! There’s a reason fans voted Arn Anderson™ the fourth figure in the Legends line, and this fully articulated, highly detailed figure pays respect to the WWE® Hall of Famer. The “Enforcer” arrives with his World Tag Team Championship, which he proudly won with Tully Blanchard.

Titles: World Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; WCW Television Champion; NWA Tag Team Champion; NWA Television Champion

Memorable Moment: Arn Anderson was not only the “enforcer” of the legendary Four Horsemen, but he also coined the name after he described the aftermath of an altercation with his faction as apocalyptic. In September 1987, Anderson teamed with his fellow Horseman, Tully Blanchard, to challenge the Rock ’n’ Roll Express for the NWA Tag Team Championship. After the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were attacked prior to the match by their arch-rivals, the Midnight Express, Anderson & Blanchard had a decided advantage. Anderson & Blanchard went on to win the title that day, and continued to assert their dominance over the tag team field.

Check out JR's Blog to learn more about Arn Anderson™ from our insider source, WWE® Hall of Famer Jim Ross!

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