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<em>”Shazam!” </em>

<em>”Shazam!” </em>
<em>”Shazam!” </em>
<em>”Shazam!” </em>
<em>”Shazam!” </em>
<em>”Shazam!” </em> <em>”Shazam!” </em> <em>”Shazam!” </em> <em>”Shazam!” </em>


Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes


Maximum order quantity: 99

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Bring your brazier and follow Billy Batson to the Rock of Eternity – it's time to summon the arch-enemy of Black Adam into your Retro-Action® collection! Metallic fabric accents embellish the attire for this 8" figure.

DC SUPER HEROES and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

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