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Snout Spout™

Snout Spout™
Snout Spout™
Snout Spout™
Snout Spout™
Snout Spout™
Snout Spout™ Snout Spout™ Snout Spout™ Snout Spout™ Snout Spout™

Snout Spout™

NOTE: This is an older item with extremely limited Customer Service stock that’s likely to sell out. Once it’s gone, we don’t expect it to be available again.


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Once a mere mortal, this powerful pachyderm was forever transformed by the Horde's experimentation matrix. Now using his fully poseable nose for good instead of evil, this highly detailed figure is ready to deliver a soaked smackdown* to his foes! Includes "jaws of life," axe and removable backpack. Club Eternia® subscriber-only bonus: includes sticker sheet featuring the MOTU teams. This special item will only be shipped to 2011 subscribers


*Toy cannot shoot water.

Snout Spout™ Bio

Real Name: Jaxton

A peasant from Etheria, Jaxton was one of three athletes abducted by Hordak® and cast into his experimentation matrix. There, like the others, Jaxton was grafted with cybernetic parts giving him both amazing powers and a bizarre form. After crossing through a Laser Gate to Eternia® with The Evil Horde™, Snout Spout™ escaped and joined with the renegade Masters of the Universe®. Self-conscious about his appearance and called "Snout Spout™" for his abilities to blast water from his cybernetic trunk, Jaxton often feels that everyone is always laughing at him. But when the Snake Men™ slither out and enemies attack, Snout Spout™ blasts them back with a super jetspray!

Available November 15, 2011, only at

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