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Jitsu™ Figure

Jitsu™ Figure
Jitsu™ Figure
Jitsu™ Figure
Jitsu™ Figure
Jitsu™ Figure Jitsu™ Figure Jitsu™ Figure Jitsu™ Figure

Jitsu™ Figure

Evil Master of the Martial Arts™
Club Eternia® Figure, February 2013
(Included with 2013 subscriptions)


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Get ready for a five-finger smackdown! This martial arts menace handily dispatches his enemies and his powerful punch leaves quite an impression. If his mighty golden hand doesn’t do the job, he’ll put a stop to his enemies with a cold cut from his katana or a slice from his kama… period! This core member of the evil army of Skeletor® arrives as a fully articulated figure with gloved hand in permanent chopping pose similar to the vintage figure. Comes with three swords that fit in his non-gloved hand (the two kama swords snap onto the back of his armor.)

Jitsu™ Bio

Real Name: Chopper

An intergalactic bandit, Jitsu™ was broken out of Prison Starr by Keldor™ during the Great Unrest. In gratitude, he agreed to serve the Evil Lord of Destruction™ and stayed with him even after Keldor’s transformation into Skeletor®. As a master of several forms of martial arts, Jitsu™ was often on the frontline in battle against Randor and his Masters. During the Battle for Gretori Bridge, he was wounded by his archenemy Fisto™ and had his hand replaced with a golden robotic implant by Tri-Klops®. After Skeletor® left Eternia® for the stars, Jitsu™ took over Snake Mountain™ ruling it with an iron fist. As deadly as he is silent, Jitsu™ uses his chopping power to get his evil way!

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